Sunday, January 17, 2010

Elliman’s Embrocation

Squatty Mervin Howard Fife met Castilla y Leon, curate and understudy, on his way home from the station. Morelos y Fife, understudy to the curate, left on the midday train for Locust Grove, a women’s hatbox stowed on the rack above his head. As his legs were scabby with lesions he massaged Elliman’s Embrocation on the hoary spots. Pulled tautly over his legs he wore a pair of stockings, the squashy fabric moderating the itch in his shins and ankles. On the seat next to him was a copy of the Komuna, a journal known for its strange depiction of animals. In the back pages were adds for druggists and colporteurs, cardboard submarines and x-ray spectacles. Visio Eskisehir and his assistant Sul Pedro sell sanatorium linen in the back pages of the Komuna, a $ a sheet or a $ and a ½ for three. The House of Horace sell women’s accessories and silk-lined earmuffs. Gomez y, démarcheur, sells women’s gloves in the Salamanca Gazette, the curate’s understudy procuring three boxes to be presented to Mervin Howard Fife, a gift from Castilla y Leon, curate and understudy. ‘the price of eggs is driving the market down’ lamented Horace of the House of. Not one to pass up a first-rate transaction the man in the hat bought three dozen of everything he could get his hands on. Now that the trench in his brow had been filled in he felt a bit less ill at ease. Those present, which included everyone present, drew lots to see who would be the first to receive the sacrament. Squatty Mervin Howard Fife drew a middle-size straw, Castilla y Leon a middling-size straw, Morelos y Fife a medium long straw, Visio Eskisehir and his assistant Sul Pedro drawing together drew a long but not too long straw, Gomez y a small but not too small straw and Morelos y Fife the short straw. As short usurps medium, middling or long Morelos y Fife won the right to receive the sacrament first. ‘tiss a sad day when a biscuit costs more than a dozen eggs’.

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