Friday, January 01, 2010


The Eastleigh Society for the Deterrence of Mayhem meets every Friday in the basement of the Church of the Perpetual Sinner. He perished from a second bout of tetanus, eyes staring at a fracture in the ceiling, his insides pushed outside his body. No matter how much the they pushed they couldn’t get his outsides back inside. The Eastleigh Society for the Deterrence of Mayhem meet every Tuesday in the basement of the Marmoreal Asylum, Sauerwald’s father putting out and stowing away the folding chairs. On Wednesdays they meet in the boiler room of the Montessori Asylum, eating the leftovers left over after the canteen closed the Saturday before last. Not that it matters: all the leftovers are spoiled. No one knows why, it just happens that way. Things are always happening, for the better or the worse. Closing on Saturday they left all the leftovers to spoil. Some spoiled quicker than others; others slower. Everything spoiled in its own time. Things that spoiled first stank the longest. The last to spoil stank the least and shortest. Everything stank according to its expiration date, some more than others, others less than others.

Graukase soup, Ajiaco potato soup, Avgolemono soup, Slovakian Bajajou, Chinese Bird's nest soup, thick, creamy Bisque, Borscht, fish Bouillabaisse, vegetable Bourou-Bourou, cabbage Caldo verde, Barbadian Callaloo, sweet and sour Canh chua, Portuguese Canja de Galinha, Clam chowder, Cock-a-leekie soup, Scottish Cullen Skink, beaten Egg drop soup, Hassidic Etrog, Arabic Lentil soup, Fanesca with salted cod, Fasolada with bean, French onion, Fufu and Egusi, spicy Gazpacho, Goulash with stretched beef, Gumbo, Halászlé fisherman’s soup, Traditional Icelandic Íslensk Kjötsúpa, Georgian lamb Kharcho, O‘zbeklar Lagman, tomato and fish Lan Sikik, leek and or Lentil, sometimes both ending up in the same pot, each unbeknown to the other, Maryland Blue Crab Soup, Menudo, Michigan bean soup, traditional Minestrone, 味噌汁, Mulligatawny, Nässelsoppa stinging nettle soup, Noodle soup, İşkembe çorbası with rinsed tripe, Black Pepper Pot soup, Phở with scallions and eggplant, Psarosoupa, Revithia, Sancocho, Scotch broth, Shchav with wild sorrel and egg yolk, Charleston She-crab soup, Sinigang, Snert with peas and sliced sausage, Split pea, yogurt and cucumber Tarator, Tomato soup, Tarhana, French-style Vichyssoise, Belgian Waterzooi and Żurek, were leftover following the closing the following Saturday, each with its own expiration date.

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