Friday, January 22, 2010

15 Slips of Paper

He remembers a picture taken of his mamma when she was a young girl. There is no picture. She ran away before the photographer his great-aunt hired could unpack his kit. His great-aunt carried a basket. In the basket were fifteen slips of paper. And on each slip of paper was written a name: Yipsi Schulz, Friedemann Schulz, Celia Schulz, Leiya Schulz, Jacquelyn Schulz, Willy Schulz, Marco Schulz, Rodrigo Lveda Schulz, Rudolf Schulz, Anson Schulz and Axel Schulz, brothers, Thomas Schulz, Quinton Schulz, Foskor Schulz and Olli Schulz. His great-aunt claimed she was acquainted with everyone who’s name was written on the slips; some more than once. The Schulz’s were friends of her aunt and uncle’s, some more friendly than others. Asking if she had any pictures of these people his great-aunt said ‘no… they left before the photographer my aunt hired could unpack his kit’. He never found out whether any of the people who knew his great-aunt knew his great great-aunt and uncle. Not knowing was better than knowing only half of what one wished to know. Knowing what he knew he left it at that and got on with his day. After all, he opined, a little is better than naught.

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