Monday, January 25, 2010

Cagliari Sardine

Again the circus came to town, Treviso Veneto and his half-brother HaMerkaz driving the oxen ahead of the caravan. Cagliari Sardine, shooing the pigeons from under the oxcarts bawled ‘vermin!’ ‘devil’s parasites’ said the muleteer. ‘poisonous cockroaches’ added Cagliari. The last time the circus came to town the harridan’s sister split her lip on the juggler's knee, the juggler falling backwards unsteadily, blood spilling onto the front of her new dress. The pony and dog show was scheduled for three o’clock, the stagehands busy mucking out the miniature stalls. The ponies and dogs were kept in the same pen, the dogs running in circles, the muckers throwing old bones and shoes into the corral. ‘bloody nuisance’ yawed the first mucker, the muscles in his arms tightening. ‘everyone knows you don’t mix ponies with dogs… its not natural’. As the first mucker spoke the second mucker threw an old shoe into the corral, the dogs yapping at the strange creature brandishing the shiny metal stick.

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