Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Given the heaviness of the morning sky, a gray tattered blanket soaked in rain, we might expect a dim to middling diffuse afternoon. Should the sky fall, which it may given its weight and grayness, it’s best that one stay indoors.

Kindest regards,

-the assistant to the assistant rector

He sent the letter to everyone in the ledger and several who weren’t. To those who weren’t in the ledger he sent a second letter explaining why they weren't in the ledger. And to those who hadn’t received a second letter he sent a letter explaining why they hadn’t received the first of the second letters. Sitting up squarely from his writing desk he walked into the day, his satchel packed crammed with letters. The Woolworth Boys received two letters each: the first and the first second letter. Given their chosen commerce, selling and bartering women’s apparel, the Woolworth Boys received a great deal of mail, a mountain of letters piled four-hands high on the front stoop.

Double-stitched into a swath of hospital linen he read, “I Survived I Did”. Unsure what to do, the double-stitching smarting his eyes, he heaved the soiled and wet swath of linen into the laundry bin, the sky outside the asylum window threatening warmth and sunshine. The littlest dogman “…ate without requiring to be pressed, and in the dark bolted mouthfuls like the knots on a tether…” (Miguel de Cervantes, Don Quixote) Letchworth sausages come in links of three or a dozen. Payments dispatchable to 27½ Bedfordshire Round, North-side. No loafers or roundels please.

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