Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Livonian Order of Furriers

The Rovaniemi brothers, onetime residents of Lapland, but that was a long time ago, set up a glove shop in a ramshackle hut behind the Peabody Lavender and Precious Oils Company. As they were in cahoots with no one, not even the Rovuma brothers, who lived a stones’ throw southeast of them, their glove shop was free from pamphleteering and petitions. The Vincennes Glove and Scarf Company allowed the Rovaniemi brothers a small nook of the women’s glove market, seeing no harm in a monks’ share of the competition. The Quidnunc Cricketers, headed by the Hon. Sir Horace C. Gennady, purchased women’s gloves and scarves from the Rovuma brothers, finding the Vincennes Glove and Scarf Company’s pomposity a dreadful bore, the Rovaniemi brothers willing to cut their prices and guarantee delivery posthaste. The Rovaniemi brothers bought fur-lining from the Jēkabpils brothers, descendents of the Livonian Order of Furriers, known for their exacting measurements and calf’s tongue soft fleece.

Dejesus surmised they could buy whatever they needed to make women’s gloves, fleecing, too, from the Rovaniemi brothers, bypassing the Vincennes Glove and Scarf Company altogether, who rumor had it were haughty asses. ‘…we could set up shop in a jiffy and save a small fortune in the process…’ said Dejesus to the man in the hat, both men, each to the other, appearing distorted. ‘…what about the Quidnunc Cricketers…?’ asked the man in the hat, his hat slowly coming into focus. ‘…what about them…?’ said Dejesus, his face slipping in and out of focus. ‘…they could take us out at the knees with their hardwood sticks…?’ ‘…your imaging things…’ said Dejesus, ‘…anyhow, the dogmen’d fix their clocks, so you needn’t worry about that…’. ‘…and with little mercy…’ said the man in the hat assuredly. ‘…none…’ added Dejesus smartly. ‘…quite right you are, not an iota…’ added the man in the hat, his hat now in focus.

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