Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Herstal Liege Pantomime Troop

The Herstal Liege pantomime troop traveled under cloak of night, out-smarting roustabouts and thieves. The Herstal Liege pantomime troop came to town every two years to play for the townsfolk and whomever had a fancy for tightrope walking and jugglers. The ringmaster, Dr. Sickly, a man of rare talents, led the troop into town on the back of an ass, the rest of the pantomime’s following ragtag behind. Tiscali the juggler was from Sint-Katelijne-Waver, a small potash mining town outside Antwerpen, Hogeschool Voor, an accomplished tightrope walker, came from Wetenschap en Kunst where he worked as a dockhand before joining the Herstal Liege pantomime troop, and Hyderabad and his brother Andhra grew up in a village on the outskirts of Pradesh, a region known for its red russet red apples and shapely women. Before arriving in town the Herstal Liege pantomime troop had been to Falmouth Antalya (Antalya's), Kiev, where they came upon a postcard-size village inhabited by a clan of hirsute dogmen known as the Kyyivs'ka Oblast's, and to the town of Zeewolde-Flevoland, where the townsfolk lived in calfskin tents with burlap awnings.

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