Thursday, February 19, 2009

Harjumaa and Aquitaine

One morning not long ago the shamble leg man awoke without any memories. He set about the day, the world unfolding, each experience experienced anew for the first time. The Tallinn sisters of Bordeaux live with three pigs, two named Harjumaa and a fat sow with an enormous belly called Aquitaine. The Tallinn sisters (of Bordeaux) live lives of simple pleasure, never venturing beyond the winter fence that separates them from the other side; an imaginary line drawn by the eldest sister on the occasion of her fifty-first birthday.

The morning the shamble leg man awoke without any memories, his thoughts as blank as unwritten letter, the sisters crossed the imaginary line dividing them from the outside world and ventured into town, the eldest sister wary of every person they passed, the youngest sniffling and barking like a runaway cur. ‘…look…’ said the youngest sister, her face drawn into a smile, ‘…the sky reaches all the way to the ground…’. Her sister, her eyes as black as a Halloween cat, said ‘…the sky is in the sky not on the ground, don’t mistake trickery for logic…’. The younger sister lowered her head and began counting her steps, one, two, three, skip, five, six, seven, jump and so on. ‘…look big sister the sun is bigger than an orange…’. ‘…trickery little sister…’.

The shamble leg man leapt across the blacktop like a frog, hop jig, jig hop. As everything he did and thought was done and thought anew, he did and thought everything as if for the first time, not sure if what he did and thought was right or wrong, sinful or worthy of praise. Everything done once must be done twice, jig, hop, hop, jig, over and over until everything done once was done as if for the thousandth time.

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Pearl said...

curiously cheerful.

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