Saturday, May 01, 2010

Chokecherry Pie

(Mersin Icel is repulsed by chokecherry pie, preferring raisin with sharp American cheddar). The day of the Feast of the Corrupter the man in the hat, the harridan and her sister, Dejesus, the legless man and the alms man, Elmer Rosales, Álvaro Jaramillo, the chemist from the Brighton Hove Apothecary and the Bagenalstown Chemist, Sligo Spigot, three gravediggers from the Recoleta Cemetery, Macedonio and Imre, Dársena carrying los Diccionario de Putas, the cooper Osnabrück and the tinker Settimo Torinese, Božena Echidna and Hecatoncheires, Aegaeon, Cottus and Gyges, Stheno, Euryale and Medusa, Typhoeus, Bellerophon and Chrysaor, Valentin Bulgakov, Scáth Oilc carrying his pisspot, Cão Santarem, formerly of Newcastle now Newcastle upon Tyne, San Bartolommeo, Christopher Nicholson, Michael Boehme, Charles Brand, Brian Roper, Neil Sherlock, Susan Kramer, Richard Duncalf, Christopher Butler, Giles Wilkes, Richard Brindle, Stephen Dawson and the members of the Hershel Liege pantomime troop led by Doctor Sickly, the late Richard Brindle and the not-so-late Christopher Butler, the Witness, Los Chiapas del Concordia brothers and the Eastleigh Hampshire boys, the Apothecary Agent, Ms. Christopher Nicholson, the concierge and the bellhop from the Hotel de l'Univers, the Glamorgan boy and the Leighton Buzzard brothers, Mrs. Breen, Ms. Silvina Acampo and Miss Bustos, H. Domecq, J. S. Crumlish, the Dedham Sisters of Surry, the Trujillo Brothers of Dagenham, a representative from the Comte de Lautréamont society (pubic hairs conversing in a brothel), representatives from the estates of Sutra Slupsk, Sviland Rogaland, Prague and Mesto Praia, Lola Fresán-Restrepo and Juan Pedro-Gutiérrez, Giovanni Mardersteig, who lived the ‘life of Reilly’, the madam from the Moorcock Bordello, the shoemaker Oberg Moon shod in Dante loafers, Juan Cortés de Campo, stately and plump, and Marqués de Valdegamas, Don Torcuato, Arteaga Enrique Valparaiso and Amor e Iturbe, a representative of the puppet-showman, Boyars, Pest and Cheltenham, Santo and Master Pedro, Sepahan Buxton of Derbyshire, the childish Rancagua Libertador and General, Bernardo D’états Rancagua accompanied by Lela’s mamma, two fishmongers carrying deflated airbladders, Cranendonck Brabant and James Rodker of whom little is known, one of the Cock’s brothers from the Cock’s Bros. Abattoir, representatives of Bertelsmann’s Palliatives and Gütersloh’s Digestives, the widow Zavalla, grand-niece of Neuquén Belo, the erstwhile Franz Biberkopf, friend to Theo Rutra and Christine Ambach, great uncle to Maria Dillenschneider and Emile Jolas, sometime acquaintance of Carl Einstein, know for his massive four-squared head, a bush burning Philologist and a Christian Apologist, Grigory Poincaré, Sherman Arshile, a slight man with sharp equine features and green peppercorn eyes, Albert Poché, dressed in culottes and knee-high’s, Krieger, a representative of the estate of Fernando Pessoa, the Apothecary agent’s son, two of the Grim Brothers of the Grim Brothers Haberdashery, Tingvoll and Bohinj Romsdal, Puglia Kassel and Hessen Bassano, Dmitri Georef, who arrived on a Thursday and left the same day and who had in his possession, wrapped in one of his handkerchiefs, pages 270 through to 325 the Pauline Index, Elmer Rosales, Schumer Kyphosis, who lived under a boxwood kitty-corner to the outdoor commode, and Lela met in front of the Church of the Perpetual Sinner, the sky threatening sunshine.

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