Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Schug Grünenthal

Word has it the dogmen attacked Sergipe Aracaju and Ticino Locarno as they laying sleeping, beating them into a bloodied mess. As no one knew of their arrival or the purpose of their visit, they’re demise was quickly forgotten. Men such as these seldom made it to the next day; they’re corpses disposed of in well-buckets behind the pork butcher’s or in shallow graves under the swimming cabana at the rear of the aqueduct.

The soft-headed pimp Enrico lives with his mamma in a two-room walkup with a cat and a goldfish. The soft-headed pimp, no relation to the black top-hat pimp, spends his mornings drawing pictures of his fish, the afternoon’s reserved for smalltime pimping and thieving. His great great-uncle Julio, a bear-toed angler, sniggled eels until the day he died; his great great-aunt burying his swaddled corpse in a plot behind the pumphouse. As soft-headed as he was, Enrico the soft-headed pimp never once begged for alms or cheated a dishonest man. He lived by a code of conduct he carried in his coat pocket wherever he went. Wherever he was he could pull out the code and check it for instructions, never having to give anything a moment’s rumination.

Schug Grünenthal, no relation to Gunter Grünenthal, a beast of a man with corpse-rotten teeth, carries a placard with him that reads, “For this reason, a higher culture must give to man a double brain, as it were two brain-ventricles, one for the perceptions of science, the other for those of non-science”. (Nietzsche Human, All-Too-Human)

Fajardo Rafael tells Utrecht Viagem that he would be more than happy to pick up the tab should he care to join him for dinner. Viagem ungraciously declines, sending Fajardo Rafael into a lather, which arouses the attention of Schug Grünenthal, who exclaims ‘I’m Schug Grünenthal and have all of my teeth. I am not Gunter Grünenthal with the corpse-rotten ones!’

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