Friday, April 30, 2010

Colonia Etchepare

Elmer Rosales wrote “seus peitos são como cerejas, haar borsten zijn als kersen, i suoi seni sono come le ciliege, 她的乳房是象樱桃 그녀의, her breasts are like cherries” on a cocktail napkin in the mezzanine bar of 43 Boulevard Raspail, the bartender eying him crookedly. (Author’s aside: never trust an author; we’re all liars). After his release from los Colonia Etchepare Elmer Rosales took to the road, arriving one day in front of the Seder grocer’s where he stood admiring his reflection in the window. In a hurry to get to Mass the harridan’s sister bumped into Elmer Rosales, who terracing sideways exclaimed ‘you, madam, offend me’. ‘out of my way swine herder’ shouted the harridan’s sister, the church bells chiming ding dong ding dong. Collecting himself, a niggle bullying its way into his shoulder, Elmer Rosales shouted ‘reina de la puta!’

그녀의 the bartenders wife eying him suspiciously… chokecherries, they’re more like that, sweeter, firmer, softer to the touch. He awoke in a tizzy, his head aglet with wormy thoughts. Before arriving he lived in Los Quartier Basavilbaso under a hawthorn with spiny claw-like buds, Schumer Kyphosis, who lived under a boxwood kitty-corner to the outdoor commode plying him with grain alcohol and black tea.

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