Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Los Index

Dmitri Georef arrived on a Thursday, detrained and unpacked his belongings, three white shirts, three ties, red, blue and black, three pairs of grey flannel trousers, three pairs of linen underpants, two pairs of shoes, brown Oxford wingtips and black evening slip-ons, three handkerchiefs, a zippered case of men’s toiletries, a package of Skoghall chewing tobacco and a copy of the Pauline Index. The following morning at seven thirty Dmitri Georef repacked his suitcase, folding his three white shirts, three pairs of grey flannel trousers, underpants, two of which he crunched into a ball and disposed of in the trash as he had evacuated himself in them the night previous, both pairs of shoes, which he stuffed in the right side-pocket, and his zippered case of men’s toiletry and placed them into his suitcase. As for the Pauline Index he left it under the bed wrapped in one of his handkerchiefs, pages 270 through to 325 missing, the 55 leafs stowed in the left side-pocket of his suitcase. Nothing more was seen or heard of Dmitri Georef, his training and detraining occurring too close together for anyone to form an opinion of him. He may however appear again to entertain those still interested in forming a curio of his person.

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