Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ulrich Grossmünster and Jürgen Pécs

Ulrich Grossmünster of rue Sacile 27½ Friuli-Venezia Giulia is known for his collection of casa de la puta antiquities, gloves and garters, la ropa prostituta (you smarmy so-and-so!). …standing, arms akimbo, staring into the yellow fire of the sun, an oyster of spit gerrymandering his chinbone. Never once standing down or kneeling in supplication he took a stand, his proud face pushed like metro rider into the splicing yellow sun. ‘…las putas tienen hambre…’ said Ulrich, the corners of his mouth dropping. ‘…las antigüedades son seguras, ocultado en la casa de putas…’. The Masons would have none of this, claiming the rights to las antigüedades puta. Impetuous fools, scoundrels, the Masons had little time for cold-hearted conmen. The following day at 27½ past the noontime the alms man retraced his steps, stopping only to slake his thirst and redouble where he’d just stepped.

Jürgen Pécs, wholesale women’s apparel manufacturer, István Brunkhorst, a corporate gadfly with unsavoury connections to cutthroat buyers, some of whom carry hipflasks of plum brandy for those cold unyielding nights when one finds oneself lost outside the five-mile fence, Hauke Brandom, proprietor of the Hauk Bullhorn Co., Jolán Lutz Wingert, small-time crook, and Vattimo Von Weltbildern, statesman, are all in cahoots with one another, Ulrich Grossmünster having introduced each to the other. The Colchester Essex Sisters and the Oban Argyll Sisters are in cahoots with the Bute Crawley Sisters of West Sussex who are in cahoots with the Daugavpils Sisters of Daugavpils’. The two, the sisters and those brought together by Ulrich Grossmünster, sharing little in common except they’re love of cahoots (you impetuous fool, no one gives a shite about who’s in cahoots with whom; such small-minded dross… you are a smarmy so-and-so, yours untruly, the reader).

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