Saturday, May 23, 2009

Los Guante Putas Asesinas

With nothing to loose he lost everything. Los Guante Putas Asesinas was the name given to the first whore’s glove cut, sewn and tailored by the Vincennes Glove Co., going back some 27½ years to a time when well-tailored women’s apparel was an art practiced by a handful of highly-trained esteemed haberdashers. The glove, thereafter referred to as Los Putas Guante, Asesinas being removed for marketing purposes as it conjured up images of wholesale barberry and cudgel-fighting, was a popular accessory among the rich and up-and-coming, oftentimes referred to as the hoity-toity. In San Carlos De Bariloche, where Los Guante Putas is considered an invaluable addition to a woman’s evening attire, the Rio Negro Couture Co. carry a wide variety of putas gloves, offering them in kid-leather, calfskin, goatskin and emu, and ranging in colour from red, highly coveted by dames and courtesans, adding a contrast to their oft times black evening attire, Prussian blue, known for its vibrant oceanic appeal, browns, off-white and the traditional black, worn by woman of leisure and limited intelligence, often referred to as black-mailers and no good so-and-so’s, many a man left broken-hearted and penniless, having lost at love and simple arithmetic.

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