Sunday, May 31, 2009

Now to the Brocken

Emmen Drenthe rode into town on the back of an ox, his cart, unfastening from the camper-hitch, rearing down the embankment into a hollow of Fagaceae Quercus velutina. The Stip sisters (of Makedonski Stip) are in cahoots with the Ashdod HaMerkaz sisters who, unbeknown to the Stip sisters, are in cahoots with the Xaltianguis Guerrero women’s auxiliary, known for they’re ferocious dislike for bumblers and halfwits. On the back oh her skull, in bold plain lettering was written,

Witches (in chorus)
Now to the Brocken the witches hie,
The stubble is yellow, the corn is green;
Thither the gathering legions fly,
And sitting aloft is Sir Urian seen:
O`er stick and o`er stone they go whirling along,
Witches and he - goats, a motley throng,
Alone old Baubo`s coming now;
She rides upon a farrow sow.

Astrid Reeperbahn and Émile Louis Alphonse, sea captain, met Félix Roblès Fénéon and Dujardin Édouard at the second annual Octillion of the Chorus of the Goat. Fionnula, know for her sparkling voice, sang Oude to the Torreon Goat, finishing with an homage to Milton Stock, adman and worldly philanthropist. Jeungpyeong Ch'ungch'ong-bukto played the double-reed oboe, having pawned her single-reed one earlier in the week. ‘…I say, the chorus has a screw loose…’ stuttered a bald headed man in a green and gold raincoat. ‘…what a motley throng...’ added a man in a red and blue raincoat.. ‘...and in muddy rubbers...’ said the bald headed man. ‘…muddy indeed…’.

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