Friday, April 24, 2009

Palacio de Guantes Puta Mujeres

Now you might well ask, why more, so many more characters? Ask the Gyor brothers of Gyor or the Sheffield brothers of Sheffield, or the Lazio sisters of Rome or the Tnsberg Brush Co. of Vestfold, or better yet the Southampton Lard Co. of Southampton or the Bratislava’s of Bratislava, or the manager of the Moulineaux Moulinex Co. of Haute-Normandie, who you'll find at the Diderot Brothel on Thursdays and Saturdays, or the Bandung brothers of Jawa Barat and the Tallinn sister of Harjumaa, both of whom are in cahoots with the Aabenraa sisters of Sonderjylland. Ask them, not me. The Palacio Quemado, also known as the Palacio de Guantes Puta Mujeres, located next to the Cathedral of La Paz, houses an extraordinary collection of women’s gloves. Next door to the Cathedral of La Paz sits the Heces Tocador Co., makers of custom-built toilets; such as the TC Corsica Close toilet and the Arc Wall-1 Hung WC., known for its fast efficient flush, the Gala Arq Bidet and the Bristan Blade Back, both of which come in ivory and off-white, and an ever-widening array of soft-seat and hard-seat crappers. The man in the hat’s da spent hours sitting on the crapper reading girlie magazines, the whirl and slurry of flushed water echoing throughout the house, his da pumping the foot-peddle next to the sink. He remembered how his da looked when he came out of the toilet, his face the colour of old wine, his jaw as tight as a closed fist, the smell of sulfur and Ajax creeping up through the vent in the hallway floor, the tags of skin around his eyes more noticeable.

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