Thursday, April 23, 2009

Leicester Sausage Co.

He has the metempsychosis, and bad. From the sanely to the insanely, everyone he knew had the metempsychosis. His da got it from his da and his da from his da right back to the first da who was afflicted with the first psychosis.’…never mentee the insanely…’ his da would say, ‘…the sanely are the ones who haven’t a clue their insane…’. He likes a good Leicester sausage, had stuffed by the Leicester Sausage Co., purveyors of fine meats and viands. Martin Conboy, manager of the Dogtown Frozen Seafood Company, and Mr. John M. Woolsey, Episcopalian and treasurer of the Carter's Ink Co., overheard Gorton Balthassar lamenting ‘…La Ciudad de Huevos Congelados…’, both men, Conboy and Woolsey, pricking up their ears like foxhounds on a fox. The man in the hat, showing off his new hat, a tan Stetson with a pheasant hatband, stood watching the men, Woolsey saying to Conboy ‘…its never too late to learn a new trick…’. Conboy replying ‘…yes, but then what…?. ‘…learn some more, of course…’. ‘…yes, of course…’ said Conboy. ‘…then a pint…’ said Woolsey, ‘…and another…’ interrupted Conboy. ‘…and another and another…’.


John W. MacDonald said...

i liked this. nice irish vibe.

Stephen Rowntree said...

Thanks John, and I your newest group of pictures; they capture the image of protest with an edgy yet precise eye...

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