Monday, April 27, 2009

Los Casa da Meretriz Berlitz

François Le Péan stood admiring the harridan’s sister’s Pop-Siècle placemats, his eye on a tugboat made from rapier-sharp toothpicks, the kind you bring home to mamma, settling the score once and for all. M. Du Quesne and M. Le Mercier, both members of C'était Calvinist Bastille, swore up and down they’d never met François Le Péan, M. Du Quesne, in a gruff unpleasant voice adding ‘...if we had we’d have busted his nose like a ripe tomato...’. François Le Péan, M. Du Quesne and M. Le Mercier watched Mrs P. Dogman walk in circles round the church, her face crosscut and tanned from the sun. After watching her circle the church five times, which she did with Queenly aplomb, they broke off and headed southward towards the aqueduct, M. Du Quesne taking the lead, François Le Péan and M. Le Mercier keeping pace behind, all three whispering to one another ‘…you’d need a cook’s stipend to pay for those orthopedic heels…’.

Ignacio López dreamed of ways to escape. After days of this he decided that escaping was no better than staying, and were he to escape he’d be staying all the same. After days of this, thinking and dreaming and confusing one for the other, Ignacio López decidid Toh calla yt kits. He gent troué ihs monceau skirt, ester ulna pocketful de la bellot corn unary la monceau très bland. He went on like this for days, trying to speak in words, vowels and constantans, thermocouples and uncluttered sentences, trying to make sense of le gent troué sur des pantalón. Te Day befote té lasa Churo Bashar, he puto Ons ihs best cap, bufad anda yaced ihs Xess ando set out forro té Bashar, ihs bis straining Toh sé vellón té tipa os ihs ónice. Suddenly, as if from out of nowhere, he saw the littlest dogman sitting on a bench in front of the church, his head swollen with bee stings, his nose redder than cherry cobbler. Before moving inside the five-mile fence Ignacio López rented a room in Los Casa da Meretriz Berlitz, where he met and befriended Silvio Lavoisier and Antoine Berlusconi, both of whom were acquainted with Dejesus and the owner of the Greek Deli. The day after he left Los Casa da Meretriz Berlitz he posted a letter to Lavoisier and Berlusconi explaining his reason for leaving, ‘Dear Silvio and Antoine, I have left with the Herstal Liege pantomime troop, having been hired on as a mucker. Please do not go through the few paltry things I left behind in my room; I will return for them sometime in the not-so near future. Yours in ernest, Carlo de la Fontaine Ignacio López’.

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