Thursday, February 18, 2010

Boarhounds Embargo

The legless man punted across the sideways, the potholes filled with rain. Stepping out into the middle of the street the cooper Osnabrück met the tinker Settimo Torinese on the grassy medium separating the right lane from the left. The Boarhounds Embargo, initiated and seconded by the Church of the Depraved prohibiting the sale and or trade of whores’ silk for the manufacturing of women’s gloves and apparel, having recently been lifted, both men were in the market for hawr silk and women’s evening attire. ‘its going to be a good season’ said Osnabrück. ‘now that the embargo’s been lifted were bound to make a fortune!’ said Settimo. ‘we’ll show those cunts’ said Osnabrück, his voice raised enough to warrant fear. ‘they’re in for a big surprise’ said Settimo, ‘prohibiting a man’s trade is criminal…’. ‘and them that done it criminals’ said Osnabrück, his face as stern as a scow.

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