Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Silveira Méndez González

When he was a boy his da took him to the Ninebark Fair where he saw Wolfratshausen the clown and a lion tamer named Spielzeugpferde. Wolfratshausen had a Christmas tree bulb red nose and a griddlecake face, the light in his nose flickering on and off like a pedestrian ‘don’t walk’ sign.

Blackburn and Darwen live below the tracks behind the Blois Centre for Amnesiacs. That morning as they watch the last match of the Central American Football Association finals between Guayaquil and Modelo, a crowd of some 55,000 packing the José Luis Praddaude Stadium, the announcer for the Sosa Troche television station, Silveira Méndez González, announces, ‘ladies and gentlemen, Mesías Pérez has taken out number 65, Bergara Guaglianone, raking him across the ankles with his cleats. In retaliation number 80, Douksas Benítez has kicked the Modelo midfielder Sasía Escalada in the groin, Sasía Escalada writhing in pain at midfield. Bonnard Argüello Gonzabay, recently acquired from the Sissilostos Stryker’s, is chasing Nall Izaguirre Galarza, forward for the Modelo side, punching him between the ears with his balled up fist, Izaguirre Galarza retaliating with a kick to Argüello Gonzabay’s shin. Reeves Patterson Gómez, known for his angry outbursts, is chasing Modelo fullback Balseca Palacios Spencer Raffo from one end of the field to the other, Spencer Raffo circling the statue of the Uruguayan football hero Almeida del Monte. Ladies and gentlemen, the head referee Silveira Escalada Bergara Pérez has called a mismatch, both coaches screaming bloody murder… the Guayaquil fans are attaching the Modelo side with broken Tic-tac bottles and homemade shanks’. In the newspaper the next morning the headline read “the final match for the Central American Football Association between Guayaquil and Modelo was suspended at the 85th min mark due to unruly fans”.

The last memory he has of the Ninebark Fair is of the cotton-candy machine spluttering to a stop halfway through spinning him a funnel of angel hair sweetie, the look on his da’s face paler than a draft notice. The following year the town council closed down the Ninebark Fair, Wolfratshausen and Spielzeugpferde having been found guilty of scalping tickets to orphans and cripples.

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