Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Tunica and Albuinea

Arzignano Maccabeus met Veneto Mussolini under the lanterns outside the Huixquilucan café, both men having heard that the café served the best queso bergkäse sandwiches in the prefecture, neither having heard of Baruch Benedict de Spinoza. ‘when he comes back down the mountain ask him if he has a fiver?’ ‘I wouldn’t dare touch a hair on his head’ said Arzignano. ‘surely’. Wilmslow, Hove and Hove stood wide-eyed taking in the beating; Hove saying to Hove "To be an artist one has to die to everyday life."[1] The Huixquilucan café was known to attract a hodgepodge of strange eccentric characters. There were the unsavory and the sleazy, the insalubrious and grotty, the seedy and disagreeable, conmen and short-shrifters, bunko-men and flim-flam-artists, gafflers and grifters, hustlers, schemers and swindlers, they all held court under the swinging lanterns outside the Huixquilucan café. Alberto Tunica and Loanword Albuinea held court outside the Huixquilucan café, trafficking secrets with other bunko-men and schemers, conmen and gafflers, Tunica and Albuinea know for their insalubrities’ and bad manners. ‘dare I say the world is a strange place, and getting stranger by the minute’ said Wilmslow to Hove, Hove replying with a grunt and a mild wheeze. ‘with God as my witness’ said Hove to Hove, both men staring at Wilmslow. ‘seedy and disagreeable’ said Wilmslow to Hove and Hove. ‘entirely’ said Hove to Wilmslow, Hove smiling beamingly. Neither the man in the hat, Dejesus or the man tending to his fallen horse had ever stepped foot inside the Huixquilucan café, concerned as were they that they might find themselves beaten to a plum or short-shrifted. All manner of scoundrel was known to beat about the café, not just flim-flamers and hustlers, conmen and gafflers, which were never in short supply or unwilling to bust your chops for a fiver or a on a lark.
[1] Thomas Mann, ‘Tonio Kröger’.

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