Wednesday, July 29, 2009


The Bangkok Bros., proprietors of the Krung Thep Coffin Co. work solely with wormwood and fichus, oak and elm too hard and knotty, maple and balsa too soft and sinewy for a true Krung Thep Coffin. A standard coffin (made from plywood and fichus) selling for $227, a Krung Thep decorative mausoleum (replete with brass handles and silver hasps) $554, the Bros. insuring the highest standards of craftsmanship. ‘El sueño de la Razón’ read the sign over the door to their shop, the brothers having bought the sign from a travelling billboard hawker by the name of Sacks Salzmann, a man of little patience and loud complaining. ‘La Muerte Viene en la Noche’ read a second sign placed crookedly over the transom to the toilet. The brothers spoke Spanish spotted with broken Esperanto. 美好的手工制造棺材 (fine handmade coffins) was written in a unsteady hand on the wall next to the office, a reminder of their cultural heritage and long fingernails. ‘...fuck it, we don’t need a swineherd telling us how to do our job!’ said the eldest brother. ‘...nor a piebald ass telling us we’re hacks and charlatans’ added the younger brother, his brow tightening. ‘...we build the best damn coffins…’ ‘ the whole damn world’ interrupted the younger brother, the elder brother giving him a collusive nod.

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