Friday, July 31, 2009

Salvador Bahia

(The next day a man in Leeuwarden Friesland sold a stitch of time to the haberdasher Neder Vindinge Storstrom, upending a man standing second in line awaiting the arrival of Dorsey Stromm, legendary Dingley Victoria gastromancer).

That morning at exactly 7:27½ the sky fell toppling onto the man in the hat’s head, tearing the brim off his favorite hat and sending him cart-wheeling sideways. ‘--odd indeed… and the sky being so blue’ he mused. Salvador Bahia swears he saw a man running, feet peddling the asphalt, holding a whore’s glove above his head laughing. ‘--you dear sir are mistaken’ said Medellin Antioquia, cloth peddler and close acquaintance of Barranquilla Aarschot Brabant, the sole administrator of the Atlántico Beastly Co. ‘--fibbing will get you nowhere my dear man’. Turning on his left heel, his right foot bent backwards, Salvador Bahia said ‘--I am doing nothing of the kind dear sir, prevarication is not within my mien’.

His da’s da was a track inspector for the Cetinje Subotica railway. His da’s da’s da was a redcap with the Subotica Cetinje railway. The day the boxcar-full of whores’ gloves arrived in town was the day he lost his nerve, never again taking up the subject of becoming a man. His da’s da told him that in order to be a man he had to learn how to skin a goat, the knife held between the thumb and the palm of the hand. ‘--skinning a goat will get you nowhere my boy’ said the legendary Dingley Victoria gastromancer Dorsey Stromm. ‘--use you’re skills sparingly, they’ll be lots of time for goat skinning when you get older’.

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