Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Uruguayan Criollo

His father wears the same work shirt Monday through Saturday, the front covered in mortar chiseling’s. The man in the hat never met the father of the child who arrived on the back of an oxcart or the mother, a woman with scarlet red hair and a deadwood leg. All he knew of them he learned from the child, who spoke of them in yellow vowels and black constantans. Over the door to his childhood home was written ‘Do not, I beg you, look for anything beyond phenomena. They are themselves their own lesson’[1] his father demanding a strict adherence to naturalistic philosophy and mathematics.

Mr. and Mrs. Aloysius Rathgar sell rhubarb tarts on Thursdays, the smell of sugar and lard wafting through the windows and into the street. Klasterec Nad Ohri and his brother Ustecky Kraj Ohri sell whore’s stockings off the back of a dogcart, the eldest brother keeping stock with a pocket calculator. Their sister, Sofia Grad Ohri, wears a two-button waistcoat made from the rarest Sofiya silk. The man in the hat met the brothers Ohri one evening after the Annunciation of the Acolyte, held every third Wednesday after the Bleeding of the Lamb. The brothers, known for their love of card tricks and looting, activities that when undertaken by the brothers fit snugger than a new pair of shoes, made an impression on the man in the hat who was himself fond of ransacking and pinochle, even if it entailed back slapping and hurrahing.

The Montalto stables, home to nags and glue horses, Abyssinian Akhal-Teke's and Albanian Altai’s, American Albino and Castilian Andalusian’s, Russian Andravida’s and Anglo-Kabarda Appaloosa’s, AraAppaloosa’s and Godolphin Arabian’s, De Bello Gallico’s, favored by Caesar, Argentine Criollo Spanish Asturcon’s and Australian Brumby’s, Mexican Azteca Majorca’s and Balearic Baluchistan’s, Japanese Ban-ei Maghreb Barb’s and Bashkir Volga’s, Bashkir Curly Belgian stallion’s and Schwarzwälder Fuchs’, also known as Schwarzwälder Kaltblut’s and St. Märgener’s, Wälderpferd Riebeeck Boerperd’s and Bidet Breton’s, Soviet Budyonny Byelorussian’s (used for plowing and meat) and Arabian Camargue’s, Brazilian Campolina Don Picado’s and Carthusian Oriental Caspian’s, Korean Cheju’s and Chilean Corralero’s (arriving with the Spanish conqueror Pedro de Valdivia in 1541) Cleveland Bay Lanarkshire’s and Clydesdale’s, Uruguayan Criollo’s and Bulgarian bay Danube’s, Kazakh Deliboz’s and Nigerian Djerma’s, Gudbrandsdal valley Døle’s and Eritrean Dongalawi’s, Dutch Draft horses and Dutch Warmblood’s, purchased riding crops and two-handed pommels from the Ohri brothers, the brothers buying crops and pommels from the Nagshead Bros., makers of equine finery. Feeling that he had once again been duped, the brothers having pulled the wool over his eyes, the man in the hat set out for the aqueduct where he was to meet the harridan and her sister for a light picnic lunch.
[1] Goethe

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