Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Fealsúnacht Brothers of East Ivy

(The Pomorskie brothers of Gdansk are in cahoots with the Racconigi brothers of Piemonte, the Pomorskie brothers having the upper hand).

Drawing a bead on the front of his skull his da circled the ferryman, ‘…I told you to stay clear of here, now you’re going have to pay…’. Ulises Griego Antiguo lives in his da’s head, making up the world as he goes. The bowsprit swigging, té ferian ferryman ihs da saw ando herrad tiñas that weren’t Uthere, noté in the world oí tiñas ando sounds. The soft-headed pimp Enrico lives with his mamma in a two-room walkup with a cat and two goldfish. He spends his mornings drawing pictures of his fish, the afternoons reserved for smalltime pimping and thieving.

(The Fealsúnacht brothers of East Ivy like boiled mutton with mint jelly, a ball of the sweet stuff on the side).

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