Thursday, July 01, 2010

Doctor P. Recio

The man in the hat met El Pozo on a Saturday in front of the Church of the Perpetual Sinner. Or Sunday. El Pozo, his thoughts consumed with Bible Times, stared zealously at the crucifix hanged on the gallows of the priest’s choker. He kept repeating over and over again ‘the bank… rob it now… you must’ his voice rising and falling like a tailless kite in a windstorm. The Guests seat themselves. On the 17thof June 1967 Éamon Pádraig Pearse resigned his office a second time, and the fornicatress Vysocina Chokebore, pale with puerperal fever shrieked ‘el cielo está cayendo… escapar fugarse!’ Santarém Sanatório leapt on his bicycle and raced through the crowd, lurching and pitching, weaving in and out of people, some standing in two’s others in three’s, caroming and swerving between lampposts and curbstones, he peddled and peddled until his calves and thighs burned, then came to a halting stop, his hands gripping the handlebars like a mother her colicky child. Ho, “Mishear”, bring some more chairs in…

He’s got the face of a pig… give ‘em a Mickelbee’s by God! …the man in the hat held onto his druthers, lest he plunge impaled onto the thorn of despair. ‘there is no such thing’ said the Witness. ‘your just not feeling yourself is all’. ‘give it time’ added Dejesus. ‘it’ll all work out it will’. ‘it’s all a matter of good luck… something you need if you expect to make a go of it’ said the Witness scornfully. ‘its all about luck’ said Dejesus. ‘yes, a go of it’ added the Witness staring zealously at the crucifix hanged on the gallows of the priest’s choker. ‘give it time’. Turning on his left foot, his right foot lagging half a step behind, the man in the hat walked away, Dejesus and the Witness making faces at him as he made his way down the sideways. ‘fucking zealots! the man in the hat mumbled to himself. ‘its getting so a man can’t move without cunts getting in his face’.

“Night came, and with the permission of Doctor Pedro Recio, “Bewley Stillorgan” had supper.” (Miguel de Cervantes, Don Quixote of La Mancha)

Lodz Pabianice, Fernando António, Nogueira de Seabra, Alberto Pessoa, Christovão Falcão de Sousa, José Gomes Ferreira, Pancrácio de Pas, Dr. Chevalier Lindsay, Gresham William, Ticino Locarno, Sergipe Aracaju, Schug Grünenthal, no relation to Gunter Grünenthal, Fajardo Rafael, Utrecht Viagem, Éamon Pádraig Pearse, Vysocina Chokebore, Félix Davisson, BullCock’s, Joseph Benedikt and Karl Frailer von Eichendorff, the Cowes Brothers, João Goytortúa, Jesús Uvalde Ribeiro and El Pozo sat down to dinner with Bewley Stillorgan, the waitress bringing to the table the following:

-First Course-

Turtledove soup
Stewed pigs’ feet wrapped in tripe
Calf’s bowel in a creamy fennel sauce
Boar’s liver sautéed in urine

-Second Course-

St. Anne’s Eel, choice of poached or baked
Beef cock, choice of steamed or boiled
caramelized onions
sweet yams


Choice of Potato Pie
A second helping of Stewed pigs’ feet wrapped in tripe

After dinner the men smoked plump San Domingian cigars and drank snifters of Château Guermantes Brandy and told fat Proustian lies. ‘its never to soon to turn over an old leaf’ said Pancrácio de Pas drumming ash onto his dinner plate.

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