Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cutthroat Eel

The next day the owner of the Greek Deli left town never to return. The following day the dogmen took ownership of the store changing the name to Dogmen Bros. Store, the sign in the window reading ‘we sells eels and salt goods’. Seeing that the dogmen had taken over the Greek’s Deli the Seder Grocer exclaimed ‘--things are changing... and not for the better’ The man in the hat gawped at the new sign over the door ‘--I’ll be damned, Greek dogmen’. Eel brisket and eel pot pie, poached eel and braised eel, eel fricassee and eel a la king, eels jubilee and blanched eel with parsnips and vinegar; the dogmen sold eel fillets and eel loin, picnic eel and minced eel with garlic and parsley. They sold freshwater eel and salted eel (Anguilliformes), deep sea eel (Monognathus) and river eel, eel roe (leptocephalus) and coral reef eel (Chlopsidae), mud eel (Heterenchelyidae) spaghetti eel (Moringuidae) and cosmopolitan eel, thin eel (Myrocongridae) and Longneck eel (Derichthyidae) Snipe eel (Nemichthyidae) and Sawtooth eel (Serrivomeridae) duckbill eel (Nettastomatidae) and Cutthroat eel (Synaphobranchidae), the dogmen sold all manner and species of eel.

He unsheathed his naked dagger and plunged it in to the hilt, his thoughts spinning in his head. "Fate, it seems, will not grant my just desire complete satisfaction, but it will not be able to keep me from satisfying it partially at least…"
[1] The verse evoked memories of his great aunt’s marmalade tea biscuits dusted with icing sugar and friar’s cocoa. The grocer of his childhood, Doha Ad Dawhah, sold sassafras soda and saffron pie, betel nut candies and lemongrass suckers, syrupy cakes and soft licorice, things you could only find at Mr. Ad Dawhah’s corner store. Across the street from the ten pin bowling lanes the fat lady sells cold beer and rainbow gumballs, the clap and crash of the ten-pins echoing in her ears. The owner of the Greek Deli gathered his belongings and returned home to Parala Pieria, Doctor Solihull of the Solihull Overnight Asylum warning him that feebleness runs in families, αδύναμες οικογένειες, so you best keep your πέος στο παντελόνι σας. Resheathing his dagger he plunged his foot into the mossy earth, balancing himself on the ball of his foot, his dagger shackled and scabbard at his side. In his dream he thrusts the cook’s knife into the picnic ham, a suckling watery sound oozing onto his pants leg.
[1] Miguel de Cervantes, Don Quixote

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