Sunday, January 21, 2007

Radio Frequencies and Toecaps

When the ambulance men found the bow legged man his head was caved in just below the hairline, his right eye fisted into the socket. The doctors decided a metal shim was in order, so hammered and wedged one into the bow legged man’s head along his hairline just above the covey of his nose. After the surgery the bow legged man claimed he could hear radio frequencies, a static humming in the front of his head just above his eyebrow and under his right eye. He fashioned a liner out of tinfoil and pinned it to the underside of his cap, to keep out the humming and bustle in his head. When this didn’t work he took to plugging his ears with cotton baton and wearing a hat with earflaps and extra wadding, which caused him to sweat abundantly and leave crease marks on his forehead, just above his nose and eyebrows, where the metal shim sat like a toecap.

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